JCR Recycling creates value for our clients by finding markets for even the most difficult plastics. Each of our facilities are equipped to process thousands of tons per month of plastic materials from our industrial and municipality vendors.  Whether you need baling, sorting, washing, confidential shredding, pelletizing, or consulting, our plastics team is ready for your call.  Let us prove our model is the best in the business! Call us and lets get the conversation started! 



Plastic types we can recycle

  • HDPE Color- high density polyethylene
  • HDPE Natural-high density polyethylene
  • HDPE Crate- high density polyethylene
  • HPDE Pallets- high density polyethylene
  • PET (PETE)- polyethylene terephalate
  • PET FILM (coated & uncoated)
  • LDPE- low density polyethylene
  • LDPE FILM- low density polyethylene               (Stretch film, clear film)
  • PP- Polypropylene
  • PS- polystyrene
  • Engineered Grades- rigids
  • TPO
  • ABS
  • PEX- polyethylene cross- linked