Green Trailer Program ™

Cardboard recycling trailer rentals are one of the most commonly utilized options for business recycling. Most businesses choose to recycle cardboard because a separate container for all shipping boxes provides a significantly cheaper and much more sustainable option than putting boxes into a regular dumpster with other forms of waste.

JCR Recycling offers a 10yd trailer rental for recycled cardboard, and with a specifically designated cardboard recycling dumpster which has an open slit to dispense flattened boxes, you can maximize the amount of cardboard contained in your dumpster on any given collection schedule. These trailers are fabricated to fit in all designated dumpster areas.

This recycling option is only for cardboard, and does not include other materials you would see in commingled recycling. If that’s not for you, please call and ask about our commingled mixed recycling options.

Monthly Rates:

Weekly pick-up - $150.00

Bi-weekly pick-up - $215.00